Robe de Gaulle
Robe de Gaulle 48" x 72"
Avian Patisserie 26" x 30"
Le Jardin du Troll
Le Jardin du Troll 40" x 48"
Patisserie Poseur oil on linen 24” x 24"
Party at the Hippodrome 30" x 40"
Patissierie at the Bird Park 6'x8'
Totemic Watchers 30"x40"
Scream 22” x 24”
Sucrose Melting 48" x 56"
Garden Party Disagreement 36" x 36" sold
Versailles Does Debauchery 4'x6' sold
Triumph of the Patisserie 45" x 60" sold
Avian Pecking Order 20"x20" sold
The Formal Garden of the Blackberry 30"x30" sold
UFO Space Patrol 34" x 41" sold
Donuts Behaving Badly: Early Morning oil on linen 48” x 72”
19th Century oil on linen 24” x 24” sold
The Macaron Thief 30"x30" sold
Red Velvet 34"x46
The Heroic Garden Party 30" x 40"

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